Key content on Cash Flow Lending :

--Analysis of cash flow statements
-Financial forecasts for risk assessment
-Cash flow model and stress testing
-Qualitative assessment of cash flow models
-Structure of a cash flow loan
-Mitigating cash flow risks

Course Reference ANZI012

  • This programme is an extension of the business credit programme with a focus on business viability and cash flow risk analysis. The learning and knowledge acquired here will form the basis for developing higher competency in business and corporate lending.
  • Upon completion of this cash flow lending module, the certificate holder is now prepared for more complex business loan assessment and loan structuring.
  • Again critical thinking and application of knowledge enhances the experience of building credit and lending skills through problem-solving.Further practice of critical thinking and problem solving is expected along with the learning here.
  • The certificate holder should be ready for senior team roles, subject to work-based experiences in business lending.