Key content on Company Risk Management :

-Nature and impact of risks to the business
-The risk management process
-Managing risks at work
-Risk control, treatment and documentation
-Corporate governance and risk management

Course Reference ANZI037

  • Everyday living and work activities are subject to risk events that require us to always be careful and stay ready to manage them. These risks may include accidents, contracting a severe illness, wrong decisions resulting in mistakes at work or loss of money in an investment.
  • Similarly in the work environment, risk issues include the unexpected breakdown of manufacturing equipment, customers’ complaints, delay of supplies and the indiscipline of staff. They are as distressing as they cause inconvenience, additional expense and possibly delays.
  • This programme provides the managers and executives with an understanding of risk, how each of them can be identified before the risk happen. All of these are part of a risk sensitive culture to ensure sustainability and high performance in a competitive business.