Key content on Critical Thinking and Problem-solving:

-The value of Critical Thinking
-Developing Critical Thinking skills
-Analytical Thinking and its application
-Difficulties in Critical Thinking
-Problem – solving at work

Course Reference ANZI002

  • As more and more routine work are performed by computer software such as accounting and business documentation, an organization needs less staff. Those employees that will be retained by the employer will be those who can assist the organization in non - routine issues that arise from time to time and solve problems. Non-routine issues require the staff to understand, think critically and resolve problems that the computer software does not do.
  • Customer complaints and suppliers’ delay in delivering materials are examples when critical thinking and problem solving skills are required. If the employees cannot assist in this regard, then they do not bring value to the organization. In the coming age of artificial intelligence, critical thinking and problem solving skills are more important than ever before.