Key content on Financial Analysis for Non- Financial Managers :

The company’s financial statements
Structure and content of financial statements
Business profitability
Financial conditions and risk
Asset quality and liquidity
Cash flow analysis
Limitation of financial statement analysis

Course Reference ANZI045

  • The management of a business is made up of people of different expertise and educational background. In everyday business, managers have to make decisions on revenue generation, costing and pricing and investments in projects, or evaluate company budget performances.
  • In each of these issues, the understanding of finance among various members of the management team is crucial to enable each member to contribute to the team’s decision-making and for undertaking their individual responsibilities.
  • Poor understanding or a lack of a working knowledge in business finance is a personal set back for efficiency and effectiveness at work, both for the individual as well as for the management team. This programme addresses the common work issues that the manager may face, and provide him or her with a framework for understanding them with a knowledge application process.