Key content on Financial Intelligence:

-Managing limited financial resources
-Financial information understanding
-Managing costs and revenue
-Financial risks and asset management
-Financial policies and actions
-Budgeting and control

Course Reference ANZI008

  • Financial resources for commercial activities are always limited and they are allocated on the basis of a return on investment. Activities that do not provide an optimum return are not economic for most commercial businesses.
  • Managers and their employees are budget driven with regular performance targets which are all tied to the organisation’s return on investment, or ROI. This is the key to most organisational decisions and is crucial to its success as a valuable economic investment.
  • Financial intelligence is the ability to understand the relationships between events and outcomes of business activities and decisions. It provides an understanding of the interconnection of key variables in a business. With financial intelligence among the managers and key employees, the organisation would be able to enhance its productivity through better financial resource allocation. It is particularly strategic for team leaders in the business.