Design thinking is the latest approach for seeking solutions to new challenges and issues that need to attention to stay relevant and competitive in our environment. It is about putting things in the proper perspective with critical thinking and integrating with constraints of the environment, markets and resources to find suitable answers before decisions are made.

The current health crisis and its economic impact requires a fresh look for the times ahead, and all things we already understand will be examined with new lenses. Proactive action now is perhaps timely and Design Thinking can the tool to get started.
It is the never-ending dream of the management team to achieve full customer satisfaction, optimize profits and maximize cash flows in a volatile and competitive environment. The reality is that employee behavior is as volatile as the ever-changing work environment. As organizations keep transforming to keep up with changes, disoriented employees and teams will have to be reconnected and re-oriented time and again. Reaching peak performance is an endless endeavour for all managers in search for excellence as fresh people join the organization while existing employees leave. Nothing stays the same for long, so is peak performance.
PROGRAMME OUTLINE – 9 hours online
- Introduction and Foundations of Thinking & Design Thinking
- The Dynamics and Mechanics of Innovative Value Added Design
- Identifying Critical Business Issues and Improvement Opportunities
- Team Problem- Opportunity Selection
- Creative Brainstorming and Solution generation
- Using Action Research Model for Implementation

This programme will be beneficial for senior managers and team leaders in corporate planning, industrial production, project implementation and resource management.

PROGRAMME OUTLINE – 9 hours online
- Foundation to the 7-C Strategies of Building High Performance Teams
- Clarity and Challenge – Re-setting the Team
- Candour - Key to creating Team Openness to Growth
- Collaborate through Commitment using Effective Team Leadership Conversations
- Coaching for Growth & Empowerment
- Connectedness in bridging Team Gaps for Commitment & Synergy
- Celebrating Success

This programme will be highly beneficial for team leaders and senior managers who have to play leadership roles and take responsibility for group performance and results.


Mr. Xavier Johnson is an accomplished consultant and trainer. He has over 30 years of experiences in training and consulting across many industry environment. He has had worked with many teams and organizations to steer them to a new level of thinking and results. A highly hands-on Strategic Business Improvement consultant, he has facilitated the improvement, growth and renewal of many companies to accelerate their competitive position in the market. He pioneered and implemented an Integrated Team & Organization Business Improvement System for aligning the people, process and system components in an organization for Optimum Performance.

His areas of expertise include Design Thinking, Business Improvement Consulting, Strategic Human Resource Framework Development, KPI Implementation, Marketing & Sales Improvement, Organization Development & Transformation, and Top Team Integration and Competency Framework Development. He is also a Certified GRID Corporate Instructor of the Blake & Mouton System (USA).

He holds an honors degree in Economics from the University of Malaysia and a scholar of Malayan Banking Bhd., one of the largest regional banks in South East Asia. He is currently finishing 2 publications – the 4Ds OF STRATEGY and TRUE LEADERHSIP STARTS WITH GREAT CONVERSATIONS.