Key content on Work Planning and Control:

-Managing work activities
-Work planning – resources & scheduling
-Work execution – getting things done
-Work delay and risk control
-Monitoring work progress
-Completion of work

Course Reference ANZI006

  • Every commercial organisation operates within some constraints of economic resources and time to meet customer requirements as well as those of other stakeholders such as other internal departments and its shareholders’ return on investment.
  • As a result, it is essential that managers and executives are able to organise their work with efficient supervision and control that enables work activities to be completed without loss of time or additional costs.
  • Work activities are many and varied in an organisation and at times complex. The employees need to learn new skills, develop their competency and execute their work activities efficiently. Acquiring these capabilities would enhance their contribution to the employer organisation as well as prepare each and everyone of them for career advancement. Past work experience is not the same as the capacity for efficient working planning and control.