Key content on Working Capital and Cash flow Management :

-Working capital assets at work
-Understanding the cost of working capital
-Determining the working capital needs
-Managing credit collection for cash flow
-Managing inventories
-Cash flow planning and the cash budget

Course Reference ANZI047

  • Adequacy of working capital in a business is crucial to avoid disruption and to prevent an over-reliance on credit and loans. A lack of appreciation of working capital requirements or an aggressive business strategy, can lead to shortage of liquidity and poor cash flow.
  • Business managers and senior decision-makers in an organisation will need to monitor business activities closely for their impact on the company’s cash flow to prevent rising financial risk, especially when the economic environment is weak and uncertain.
  • This programme is recommended for business managers and decision-makers for them to develop a broader view of cash flow management and business success. The CFO of the company merely advises the managers and decision-makers, but it is these managers who are finally responsible for the cash flow outcome of the organisation. Managing working capital is a business skill.