The business environment continues to challenge organizations with uncertain revenue and volatile raw materials costs while new technologies reduce the margin for errors and risk - taking. In a climate brought about by these concerns, corporate profits remain under pressure and any slip up may result in losses. Business managers and their stakeholders—more than ever need to rein in costs, cut wastage and increase productivity. That is the purpose of this course.
Business fortune goes in up-and-down cycles and is due as much due to the economic environment as it is due to the management practices. For the investors and business owners, it is important to understanding and recognize the common issues that increase the risk of business distress and finally failure. The business managers who run their businesses would find it instructive if not useful, to know what can cause a business to stall and then fail, if no corrective actions are taken early, while there is still time.
PROGRAMME OUTLINE – 12 hours online
1. Business performance and its driver
   -The income statement – measuring results
   - Costs, pricing and profit relationship
2. Cost revenue relationship management
   - Organizational costs
   - Total costs and the components
   - Contribution and breaking even
3. Profitability improvement
   - Understand the corporate ROI
   - Mathematics of cost savings
   - Areas for potential cost improvement
4. Avoiding corporate wastage
   - Balance sheet review
   - Business operations review
5. Implementation of cost management initiatives
   - Causes of failure of cost reduction efforts
   - Preparation for implementation
6. Capital expenditure control 
   - Justification for capital spending
   - Post CAPEX review and accountability

This programme is an insightful and a thought provoking one at a time when the global environment is highly uncertain and volatile. Corporate planners, investors, strategic thinkers and professional managers, all need to look at various angles to strengthen their financial resources and ensure sustainability of their operations.

PROGRAMME OUTLINE – 12 hours online
1. Introduction to business distress
2. Causes of business distress and collapse
3. Warnings signals of a distressed business
4. Preventive measures before its too late
5. Corporate recovery framework
6. Implementing recovery actions

This programme will be highly relevant to business managers with decision-making roles and responsible for steering their business units away from business distress and collapse. Investors and business owners would be recommended to understand the early warning signals and develop enhanced wisdom beyond the annual profit expectation in an increasingly uncertain economic conditions.



The course will be facilitated by Mr. Kenny Tay, FCCA, FCMA, who is a financial skills training professional for many years from industrial organizations including Philip Morris, Toshiba, Sumitomo and Western digital. Among the bank clients he had worked with this include all major regional banks in SE Asia such as HSBC, UOB and Bangkok Bank, FMCG businesses and government linked companies as well as professional bodies including the Asian Banking School, the ACCA and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. Kenny is the Principal Training Facilitator at Finet Associates as well as the CEO of Australia New Zealand Institute. He is also the author of three books — Corporate and Business Lending, A Critical Financial Review and Financial Intelligence.