Key content on Capital Markets and Corporate finance :

-The financial markets
-Capital market financing and methods
-Valuation of business and equities
-Corporate growth – Mergers & acquisitions
-Common framework for M & A activities

Course Reference ANZI034

  • The capital markets refer to the sources where long term capital is available to businesses for growth and these sources of funds are typically outside the regular banking system where bank borrowings are common place.
  • Financing business expansion, growth and new ventures are higher risk propositions for normal commercial banks which are constrained by risk management regulations. As an alternative, growth companies can seek out funding from investors who are looking for higher return in the capital market, which is symbolised by the stock exchange.
  • This programme introduces to the corporate executives the characteristics and features of the capital markets, and the various aspects of the fund raising process for companies and their shareholders. Subject matters include capital market instruments, basic mergers and acquisitions, valuation and stock market activities.