Communication skills @ work

Key content on Communication Skills :

-Recognizing poor communication at work
-Listening skills and understanding
-Expressing ideas effectively
-Writing skills and what it covers
-Making presentations

Course Reference ANZI001

  • In a competitive environment where effectiveness and efficiency are expected, managers and supervisors will have to be able to clearly communicate their instructions to staff, or understand matters arising at work in order to resolve issues before they get delayed or become costly to rectify later. Likewise customers’ requests and complaints have to be understood before they can be addressed satisfactorily.
  • Communication at work is not a matter of proper grammar or good language style. Its about ensuring understanding of information with no loss of time and minimum errors at work. Employees who can communicate well are always noticed by the Boss before anyone else.
  • Wrong instructions and misunderstanding of information are crucial aspects of communication problems at work and they need to be addressed even more urgently today.