Key content on Corporate Financial Intelligence :

-The financing structure of a corporation
-Corporate profitability and ROI
-Organisational costing and pricing
-Working capital and cash flow
-Budgeting and financial management
-Investment viability – ROI vs. risks
-Understanding valuation of assets and business

Course Reference ANZI043

  • Business organisations use financial resources and operate budgets to achieve their commercial objectives. Everyday business activities are conducted by executives and managers in different departments and at different levels of management.
  • In order to achieve the best outcome and meeting budget goals, executives and managers need to have the ability to understand financial relationships that drive their departments and organisations. Financial intelligence is the ability to understand the relationship between events and their financial outcome. These range from product costing and pricing, to return on investment, and to managing wastage and productivity.
  • This programme is aimed at creating the ability and capability to understand financial relationships in business operations and help managers reach better commercial decisions.