Key content on Investment Analysis :

-Financing structures of enterprises
-Financial risks and ROI of investment
-Financial forecasts and models
-Risk analysis
-Capital expenditure decisions
-Business and investment valuations

Course Reference ANZI033

  • Investment activities drive economic growth and create value for stakeholders in all economies. As financial resources for investment are always limited, business managers have to make decisions to select the most appropriate investment projects. Poor choices of investments result not only in poor returns, but potentially, large economic losses as well.
  • This programme is designed to enlighten managers on a systematic approach for evaluating investment proposals and to provide a set of tools and methodologies to conduct risk assessment and determine financial viability of each proposed project.
  • In a business organisation, investments include acquisition of plant and equipment, financial assets as well as joint venture projects, whether they are new start ups or as ongoing businesses for a takeover.The understanding of the return on investment or ROI, is crucial in allocating limited financial resources.