Key content on Loan Documentation :

-Legal framework for loan transactions
-Documentation on credit approval
-Borrower acceptance and authorization
-The loan contract and its content
-Form of security and related documents
-Validity of documentation

Course Reference ANZI021

  • This is a structured programme to provide practical understanding of loan documentation in business and corporate lending. Loan documentation is crucial for managing the relationship between the lending bank and the borrower and this is an important skill set to complement credit and lending skills of the loan officer.
  • The lack of knowledge and understanding of loan documentation is a serious skill deficit that should be bridged by the learning from this programme. Sufficient understanding of loan documentation and its content is extremely useful in loan structuring work and for managing the borrower’s relationship with the bank.
  • Learning here covers the principles of loan documentation, common types of loan and security documentation, and general content for credit management purposes. As each jurisdiction has its own laws and regulations, this programme deals with general content and its rationale. Specific legal provisions for each jurisdiction should be referred to the respective legal counsel. This programme is not a legal course but a banking knowledge programme.