Key content on Practical Internal Auditing Skills :

-The internal audit function and governance
-Internal control system and internal check
-Auditing of revenue activities
-Auditing of expenditure and spending activities
-Auditing of policy and risk compliance
-Reporting of audit findings and follow up

Course Reference ANZI040

  • The rise of large organisations with many layers of employees have increase the risk of inefficiencies, errors at work, non-compliance with company procedures and misuse of company assets and financial resources.
  • This has led to the practice of setting up internal departments in such larger companies, especially those companies that are listed on the stock exchanges round the world.
  • This programme is an abridged programme to develop knowledge and basic auditing skills for staff in the internal audit function, as well as for managers to understand the process of internal audit operations. Upon completion of this programme, the staff would be able to understand and perform initial tasks assigned by the audit team leader. The person can proceed to pursue a professional qualification in Internal Auditing thereafter.