Key content on International Trade :

-Payment in international trade transactions
-Imports and exports settlement
-International trade settlement methods
-INCOTERMS and trade documentation
-Collection bills and requirements
-Collection risks and mitigation

Course Reference ANZI036

  • Buying and selling products and services in the international environment involve different parties and various activities, and across different jurisdictions. This results in more complexity and an increase in risk for both the buyer and seller, as well as for the intermediary banks and shipping companies.
  • Risk in international trade activities today goes beyond non-payment for goods delivered, and poor quality of products purchased. International sanctions, anti-money laundering regulations, changes in global trading rules, non-performance of shipping companies as well as political changes are serious considerations too.
  • This programme introduces a wide range of risk issues that the global business executives and their financial staff must be aware of and be ready to mitigate them to reduce inconvenience, costs and unknown liabilities. Accountants and entrepreneurs are strongly recommended to learn and prepare for such risk issues.